1. "Blood Moon" - I’m so glad the sky cleared up before the lunar show last night. This is a composite of seven images I took to show the sequence as the Moon transitioned directly behind the Earth into its umbra (Shadow). During this process, the moon’s bright glow dims, but shimmers of sunlight seeping through the Earth’s atmosphere give it the red hue which we call the "Blood Moon".

  2. Collin’s Creek, Heber Springs Arkansas

  3. I took these photographs recently on a foggy morning in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness of Arkansas. I loved this little slew of calm water perfectly reflecting the forest rising above it, and the morning light catching onĀ the haze filling the river valley.

  4. Golden Hour

  5. Grand Gulf State Park

  6. Jaw Bone

  7. Cedar Creek, Arkansas

  8. Open Door

  9. Santorini

  10. Rainy Day

  11. Hunter Oden

  12. Frosty Morning

  13. Old barn in winter snow, Arkansas